Business Cable Internet Service

Business Class Cable Internet is a high speed cable connection providing bandwidth of up to 1Gbps or more delivered as Ethernet over Coax. Most business cable Internet services are used to provide a high speed connection for general Internet access, as well as other applications including TV, phone service, email, cloud apps, data backup, video, or VPN access.

Bandwidth speeds offered with business class cable Internet service have a high download speed but a slower upload speed, also called an asymmetrical connection. This type of business cable service is ideal for large file downloads and web browsing, but not ideal for uploading large files or data backup. The network used for this type of service is also a shared network, so speed and performance varies based the amount of users at a given time, unlike dedicated Internet access.

Business cable Internet plans offered include bundles for phone and TV, which provide the best value overall for those services. Plans also typically include options for managed router, email, static IPs, online backup, cloud apps, WiFi, web hosting, VPN and network security. Pricing is typically ideal for small businesses or remote offices looking to balance both speed and a low cost, or larger businesses looking for a secondary or fail-over connection for business continuity. Cable Internet for Business is also known as Business Class Cable, Business Cable Bundle, Wideband Internet, Coax InternetSingle Play, Double Play, or Triple Play Bundles.

Features & Benefits of Business Cable Internet

  • Single, Double, Triple Play Bundles
  • Low Cost Bandwidth Options
  • High Speed Asymmetrical Internet
  • Quick Installation Timeframe
  • Small Business IT Support Options
  • Static IP’s

Business Class Cable Internet Applications

  • Small & Remote Office Internet Connectivity
  • Best Effort Internet Access – Shared Network
  • Cloud Apps, VPN, Data Backup, Wifi Access
  • Email & Internet Browsing
  • Disaster Recovery – Failover Connection

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