Business Continuity Services

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and Business Continuity Services (BCP) are provider-based solutions with a primary focus on the security of organizational IT infrastructures, retrieval of related systems, applications, data, and data centers. For companies lacking a qualified staff of IT professionals with the knowledge and expertise to manage this complex combination of responsibilities, providers of business continuity solutions are a very cost-effective alternative. These providers help companies to develop, implement, and manage a reliable action plan that ensures all business functions remain consistently operational. Disasters and failures are never scheduled, so having a DRP and BCP in place for such an event is critical.

Managed business continuity service providers also work with those organizations which already have a disaster recovery plan in place, but perhaps require a more up-to-date solution. As many organizations are now identifying the many remarkable benefits associated with cloud-based technologies, they often look for expert assistance in transitioning their IT business continuity plan to these venues. After an initial consultation with the IT staff, providers of these managed services can take on the responsibilities of performing business impact analysis (BIA), facilitating regularly schedule systems audits, conducting risk assessments, and other sophisticated and time-consuming management activities.

Developing and implementing a cloud-based disaster recovery plan that is truly effective in the long-term can be a very challenging process that requires enormous company resources. By hiring a provider of business continuity services, companies witness significant cost-savings typically associated with a more conventional solution. This can include allocation of special hardware, a secondary site located off-property, and the hiring of an in-house team of disaster recovery specialists.

Cloud-based backup and restoration services are also the preferred solution for multi-regional organizations, because the cloud is easily accessible from any geographic location. All data is fully encrypted, which enhances the organizations’ abilities to analyze the data more effectively to understand the challenges and risks associated with dormant data, data classification, and storage growth. Managed business continuity services, and disaster recovery plans, are easily scalable to adapt to the consistently evolving needs of organizations. Costs are structured so that clients only pay for the services that they require, which allows organizations to enjoy the added benefit of a predictable monthly budget. Business Continuity Services are also known as Disaster Recovery Solutions, BCP, Data Backup Services, IT Business Continuity Plan, DRP, Failover Connectivity, or Cloud Data Backup and Restore.

Features & Benefits of Business Continuity Service

  • Professionally Managed IT BCP & DRP
  • Improve Resilience, Recovery, Contingency Planning
  • Structured Plan to Assess, Analyze, Create, Measure
  • Data, Application, Network Fail-over & Recovery Solutions
  • IT Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Business Continuity Applications

  • Cloud Data Backup and Restore
  • Diverse Network Access – Failover
  • Network Security & Threat Protection
  • Applications and Systems Recovery

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