Business Fiber Internet Service

Fiber Internet for business is a high-speed Ethernet connection utilizing a fiber-optic network and advanced technology to deliver a superior business class Internet service. This method of Ethernet Internet access can reach speeds up to 100Gbps, depending on the location and fiber networks in the area. The performance offered by fiber optic Internet connections provides many advantages to businesses where fiber services are available.

The design of fiber optic Internet networks offer many benefits. Rather than using older and slower, copper-based network facilities to deliver service, business fiber Internet providers utilize an end to end fiber network to allow for high-bandwidth connectivity all the way to the site. Fiber internet connections don’t just offer high speeds, they also provide a more reliable service than copper-based network connections (DSL, Cable, T1). Reason being is that it’s unaffected by inclement weather and resistant to human and electrical interference. In addition, the high-quality signal strength of a fiber connection allows for lower latency, packet loss, and higher Quality of Service (QoS), when compared to traditional business broadband connections.

Fiber Internet service for business can be offered as a broadband connection with shared network access, but most customers with mission critical applications require dedicated fiber Internet service. These dedicated Internet services come with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which guarantees the bandwidth available, as well as network performance (QoS). This makes dedicated fiber Internet service a great option for cloud connectivity, datacenters, servers, or any other application requiring the highest network performance.

Business fiber Internet costs are generally more expensive than traditional broadband connections, even for non-dedicated lines. However, the high bandwidth capacity and low latency provided by fiber optic Internet makes it a wise investment, particularly for companies with large numbers of employees who require a consistent and reliable connection. Business fiber Internet is also known as Ethernet Internet Access, Fiber Optic Internet, Dedicated Fiber Internet, or Ethernet over Fiber.

Features & Benefits of Business Fiber Internet

  • Symmetrical Upload & Download Speeds
  • High Reliability, Performance, Uptime
  • Service Level Agreement – Guaranteed Peformance
  • Low latency, Packet Loss, Jitter
  • Static IP’s – IPv4 & IPv6 Dual Stack
  • BGP & Static Routing
  • Managed Network Solutions
  • Unaffected by Weather
  • Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet Access

Fiber Optic Internet Applications

  • General Internet Connectivity
  • Accessing Cloud Based Applications
  • Mission Critical Applications
  • IP VPN Networks
  • SIP Trunking, VoIP, Streaming Video
  • Data Backup & File Sharing
  • Server and Application Hosting

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