Business Satellite Broadband

Business Satellite Internet Service provides connectivity by using satellites to deliver a broadband Internet service from space. This is different than most traditional Internet services that use wired network connections, or wireless Internet services, which use ground-based antennae and towers. Internet connectivity is established in a way that’s very similar to satellite television. The user installs a large satellite dish at their business, and this is used to communicate and connect with specialized satellites in space.

The primary benefit of satellite Internet for business is that it can be used anywhere. Most traditional Internet services don’t have networks to rural communities or remote areas. Even ground-based wireless Internet services may not be able to provide access in certain areas. Because satellite business Internet connects directly to receivers in space, it can be used in any location. This allows business owners in remote areas to enjoy the benefits of a reliable, high-bandwidth, broadband connection. Another benefit of business satellite Internet service is the option to use it as a fail-over connection to traditional wired networks, ensuring an always on service.

Business satellite broadband speeds are comparable to those of fixed wireless Internet services. Most providers offer higher download speeds vs upload speeds. Traditionally, some satellite services have had issues with latency and network performance. However, ISPs have designed their networks to maximize uptime and minimize latency, even when bad weather is a factor. This makes it a reliable alternative to wired network connectivity. Business Satellite Internet Service is also known as VSAT Internet Service, Remote Satellite Systems, Business Satellite Broadband, or Satellite Data Service.

Features & Benefits of Business Satellite Internet

  • Quick Installation Timeframe
  • High Download Speeds
  • Low Cost Remote Internet Connectivity
  • Static IP’s

Business Satellite Broadband Applications

  • Email & Internet Access
  • Disaster Recovery & Failover Connection
  • Remote & Rural Internet Connectivity
  • Short Term & Temporary Internet Access

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