Business VOIP Phone Service

VOIP Service is a phone service using Voice over IP to transport calls over public or private IP networks. VOIP business phone service is used to provide local and long distance voice service, as well as applications such as conferencing and fax. A business VOIP phone service provides increased efficiency by utilizing IP network access for calls, instead of a separate connection. This eliminates the need and cost of a traditional T1 phone service or regular phone lines, with the ability to scale service needs quickly.

VOIP for business also has the same benefits and features as a traditional phones service, as well as advanced calling features, auto attendant, direct inward dialing (DID), and more. Many business VOIP providers now offer application integration, collaboration, mobility, social media, and messaging features. This can help to streamline communication and interaction with employees as well as customers.

Another feature of a business VOIP phone service is the ability to use a cloud based phone system, which allows you to outsource your phone system management. All the features, functionality, and technology upgrades of the phone system are managed by the business VOIP provider, ensuring you’re always up to date with technology. This is included in the monthly cost you pay, changing your telecom costs from capex to opex. Most business VOIP pricing is also very competitive and can be a good way to reduce overall telecom costs. Business VOIP Service is also known as SIP Trunking, Cloud Phone System, Hosted PBXCloud PBX, Cloud Contact Center or Unified Communication.

 Features & Benefits of VOIP for Business

  • Advanced Calling Features
  • Application & Mobile Integration
  • Combines Voice and Data Networks
  • Low Cost Phone Service
  • Cloud Phone System Management
  • Very Flexible & Scalable Capacity
  • SIP, Analog, PRI Handoffs

Business VOIP Applications

  • Local & Long Distance Voice Service
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Traditional Phone Service Replacement
  • Connecting Remote Users
  • Unified Communications

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