Business Wireless Plans

Business Wireless Service is a voice and data service specifically for the needs business customers. Business wireless plans are used to provide voice services as well as messaging, Internet, cloud applications, and hotspot data connectivity. Devices that connect with business wireless services are cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, as well as M2M and IoT networks. Many wireless providers also offer the ability to bring your own devices (BYOD) with plans, allowing employees to use their own phones instead.

The best business cell phone plans are available in a variety of configurations including options for voice only, international, walkie-talkie, texting, and data plans. Mobile networks are typically enabled to provide 4G connectivity in most areas, which allows for additional features like HD voice and video conferencing. Wireless usage plans for voice are priced as per minute, minute bundles, or unlimited, with pooled minute options available. Data usage can be priced as unlimited or with data caps, as well as pooled usage plans available. Roaming is included with most business cell phone plans, ensuring fixed costs when in areas that are not covered by your wireless provider’s network.

When comparing business wireless plans, the network coverage and data speeds are also important aspects to consider. Most major cell phone providers have network coverage for voice services across the US, as well as international roaming. For data connectivity, options can be misleading since some areas only offer 2G or 3G connectivity, or nothing at all. This can leave traveling or remote employees with little or no connectivity. Always check network maps in detail for 4G data coverage. There are many wireless pricing discounts available for associations and volume, that are not offered to individuals.  These discounts can help bring down the wireless plan cost significantly, making it a smart choice to consider. Business Wireless Service is also known as Business Wireless Plans, Business Cell Phone Plans, or Mobile Data Service for Business.

Features & Benefits of Business Wireless Plans

  • Unlimited, Bundles, Usage Based Plans
  • High Speed Wireless Internet Service
  • Domestic and International Access
  • Mobile WiFi Hotspot Connections
  • Cloud & Application Integration
  • Voice, Text, Data Connectivity

Business Cell Phone Applications

  • Voice, Text, Video, Internet Access
  • Roaming & Remote Office Connectivity
  • Backup & Failover Connection
  • Accessing Cloud Applications
  • Unified Communications

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