Conferencing Services

Conference Call Services are provider-based solutions that offer companies the opportunity to host or attend audio, video, web conferencing meetings remotely with team members, clients, and vendors. Many larger businesses are also using web, video, and audio conferencing services to connect with multiple members of a project team located within the same facility. This assists in expediting the internal file sharing and collaborative processes. All communications take place through a web-based application that is easily accessible from any device with an Internet connection, even mobile smartphones and tablets.

Scheduling meetings in a conventional manner can take a great deal of time and resources. Instead of booking a conference room, creating an itemized agenda, and perhaps even ordering catering for the invited attendees, the meeting can all take place in the cloud. Set-up is quick and easy with the click of a mouse through a professionally provided business conferencing service. Regardless of the invitees’ current locations, team members can simply logon to the audio and video conferencing services instantly and engage in the conversation. Organizations can save tremendous amounts of money in travel, hotel reservations, expenses, and rental car fees alone.

Managed web conferencing services are also very easy and flexible to use. In most cases, setting up a web conference is as easy as sending an email invitation through the conferencing software application. This will automatically alert everyone to the intended time and date, which can be accepted, rejected, or changed. When an emergency meeting is required, the entire process can be completed within seconds. The host can even upload graphics, images, slideshows, and other documents to increase engagement levels, and optimize the collaborative process.

For organizations with a workforce always on the run or scattered across numerous cities and countries, video and audio conferencing services provide the ability to check in with team members instantly. It is also a terrific training tool for reviewing and evaluating the activities, duties, and whereabouts of both new as well as current employees. Professionally managed conferencing services can take place on a simple handheld smartphone, trainees can simply point the camera to a particular problem, when asking for advice and guidance. Web-based audio and video conferencing services are the perfect solution for those times when a traditional telephone conversation would benefit from a face-to-face meeting. Conferencing Services are also known as Audio Conferencing, Collaboration Services, Online Meeting, Web Conference, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, or eMeeting Services.

Features & Benefits of Conferencing Services

  • Professionally Managed Conferencing Platform
  • Audio, Web, Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Online Collaboration Tool
  • Application, File, Data Sharing
  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Cloud Based Availability & Reliability

Conferencing Applications

  • Talk, Meet, Share Information Virtually
  • Reducing Travel & Meeting Expenses
  • Training Employees & Customers
  • Remote Desktop & Support
  • Virtual Tours
  • Sales & Marketing Demos
  • Investor Relations Calls

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