Data Backup Service

Cloud Backup Services are provider-based solutions that protect and secure the integrity of an organization’s data, applications, and systems for quick, easy, and reliable retrieval in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, many smaller and medium-sized organizations simply lack the qualified in-house IT professionals with the technical expertise to ensure that all data is being backed up properly and consistently. Providers of cloud data backup services work with organizations to develop, implement, and manage a high-quality data storage and recovery plan with an emphasis on cost-efficiency.

As business data storage demands continue to increase and evolve, outsourcing a company’s enterprise data backup services brings many advantages. The main benefit is the instantaneous increase of data capacities available, without the often massive financial expenditures associated with hardware, software, and IT personnel. Also, eliminating the costs and responsibilities associated with server and software upgrades, configurations, and staff training are a benefit as well. Instead of focusing on the more routine tasks of data backup, existing IT staff can now concentrate their efforts on higher-priority tasks that are key to the company’s long-term success.

Professionally managed business data backup services also offer enhanced security benefits compared to an on-site data storage solution. Data is automatically encrypted both at rest and in transit, with a cloud data backup service. These providers employ entire teams of expert engineers and technicians with only the highest levels of expertise in data security, which would be very expensive to replicate. Losing company data is always a primary concern, but organizations are also under constant threat of data corruption via viruses, malware, and other devious actions by cybercriminals. For companies lacking an IT staff with the necessary qualifications to oversee these constantly evolving demands or resources, managed enterprise data backup solutions are a good choice.

Cloud data backup services are also a cost-effective solution for geographically dispersed organizations. As long as the end user has an Internet connection, the desired data can be retrieved from any location. Access to cloud-based storage systems are always password encrypted, ensuring secure data transmission. Business data backup services are very flexible and easily scalable, organizations will also enjoy the convenience of a predictable monthly budget. Data Backup Services are also known as Cloud Data Backup, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Cloud Storage, or Enterprise Data Backup.

Features & Benefits of Data Backup Service

  • Professionally Managed Backup Service
  • Increased Data Reliability, Security, Availability, Performance
  • Reduced Equipment & Operational Costs
  • Scalable & Flexible Storage Capacity
  • Eliminate Data Loss & Downtime
  • IT Regulatory Compliance

Cloud Data Backup Applications

  • Cloud Backup of Files, Data, Applications
  • Business Continuity & Failover
  • Remote User Data Access
  • Reducing Server Loads & Equipment
  • Low Priority to Mission Critical Data Backup

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