Dedicated Internet Service

Dedicated Internet Access is a business class connection providing the highest quality bandwidth, reliability, and performance available. Companies who require this consistent performance, and high Quality of Service (QoS) for applications, are typical customers of dedicated Internet service. Most dedicated Internet connections are sold by telecom carriers and Internet service providers (ISPs) as dedicated fiber Internet or Ethernet Internet access.

One of the major benefits of a dedicated Internet line versus traditional Internet connection (Cable, DSL, Wireless), lies in the amount of bandwidth available. A traditional Internet connection is a shared network with “best effort” service, unlike a dedicated connection which comes with service level guarantees (SLA). With a best effort connection the ISP will do its best to provide you with your maximum amount of bandwidth, typically called the package speed. High network traffic, packet loss, latency, and outages prevent you from ever truly realizing the full speed of your Internet connection. This is because these shared network connections are oversubscribed. Internet users connect at different times of the day, so when a larger-than-anticipated number of users are using the same connection, performance suffers for everyone with a shared network connection.

Bandwidth with a dedicated Internet connection is always symmetrical, so upload and download speeds are the same. Also, dedicated Internet access lives up to its name, it provides you with a dedicated Internet service that will always perform at the specified maximum bandwidth, regardless of other Internet traffic conditions. If you are paying for a 1Gbps x 1Gbps speed , you will get that bandwidth, since your connection is not shared. Low latency, packet loss, jitter, are all benefits of a dedicated Internet connection and guaranteed.  This makes dedicated Internet service the right choice for cloud based applications, SD WAN, video, voip services or businesses that need a highly reliable network connection. Dedicated Internet Access is also known as Dedicated Internet Line, Dedicated Internet Connection, Dedicated Fiber Internet or Ethernet Dedicated Internet.

Features & Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access

  • Dedicated Network – Not Shared
  • High Reliability & Guaranteed Performance – SLA
  • Symmetrical and Scalable Bandwidth Options
  • Tiered, Flat Rate, Usage Based Pricing
  • Static IP’s – IPv4 & IPv6 Dual Stack
  • BGP & Static Routing
  • Managed Network Solutions
  • T1, DS3, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Speeds

Dedicated Internet Applications

  • Internet Access & Email
  • Mission Critical Applications
  • Cloud, Voice, Video Services
  • IP VPN Network
  • Web Server and Application Hosting

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