Ethernet over Copper Service

EoC or Ethernet over Copper is a dedicated Internet connection that uses twisted copper telephone wires (pairs) to connect customers with high speed bandwidth. Ethernet over copper Internet is a good solution for small business, because it provides more bandwidth at a lower cost vs other types of dedicated connections. Almost every business already has the copper phone lines needed for service, reducing those local access costs, which lowers Ethernet over copper pricing. The pairs of copper wires that are not already being used for a phone service can easily be used for Ethernet over copper Internet.

When comparing Ethernet over copper vs fiber, besides a lower cost, installation of EoC service is also quicker and easier. Installations typically take weeks, unlike fiber connections which can take months. Expanding businesses that need quick installs will find Ethernet over copper a good option to get up and running. EoC connections also have the same service level agreement (SLA) that dedicated fiber services offer, so network performance is very similar.

Connecting Ethernet over copper service with a LAN is much easier as well. With older T1 and DS3 Internet services, an expensive WAN interface card is necessary to make the network connection compatible with a LAN. But with EoC service, the hand-off is just a regular RJ-45 jack. Ethernet over copper providers offer managed router options, which allow them to monitor the network and proactively address issues.

EoC Internet is widely available in most major metro areas, but is limited for sites in smaller cities and rural locations. Service is dependent on providers having the necessary equipment in a central office (CO), and distance from a CO limits the speeds available. Ethernet over copper service is a good option for businesses looking for low cost and reliable bandwidth. Ethernet over Copper is also known as Dedicated Ethernet Internet, EoC, or Dedicated Internet Access.

Features & Benefits of EoC Internet Access

  • Low Cost Dedicated Bandwidth Connection
  • Fast Installation Timeframes
  • Reliable & Scalable Bandwidth Speeds
  • Fast Ethernet Internet Access
  • Guaranteed Performance – SLA
  • Managed Network Solutions
  • BGP & Static Routing
  • Static IP’s – IPv4 & IPv6 Dual Stack

Ethernet over Copper Applications

  • Email & Internet Access
  • Cloud, Voice, Video Services
  • Mission Critical Applications
  • Remote Office Connectivity
  • Reliable Backup Internet Connection

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