Ethernet Private Line Service

EPL or Ethernet Private Line Service is a high-speed data network connection that’s designed to provide high-performance, secure connectivity, with high Quality of Service (QoS) between two sites. These layer 2 network connections are ideal for anyone looking to replace traditional point to point circuits (T1, DS3, OC3) with a lower cost Ethernet service. EPL circuits offer exceptionally low latency, dedicated bandwidth, and security. This is ideal for applications where latency is intolerable, such as a WAN connection to a data center, private cloud connectivity, or voice/video applications. Private lines also offer very low packet loss, ensuring high-quality, and constant connectivity when it matters most.

Ethernet private line services, like all dedicated network services, come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which guarantee performance. Reliability and uptime are key features of EPL service, with priority given to customer support of these services. Ethernet private line pricing is based on distance, which can make a circuit more expensive for connecting remote sites and global networks. A lower cost alternative to EPL service for these sites is an EVPL network, which has pricing that is less distance sensitive. For locations in a local geographic area, metro Ethernet private lines are a good solution.

EPL service is typically used in concert with traditional Internet connections. High QoS and secure traffic is routed through the point to point circuit, while lower QoS web traffic is sent through traditional business-class internet connections. This helps to balance data network costs with the performance needed for specific business applications. Ethernet private line service is a good solution for companies that need dedicated, reliable, and secure access for their corporate network infrastructure. Ethernet Private Line Service is also known as Eline, EPL Circuit, Point to Point Ethernet, EPL Service, Metro Ethernet, or Carrier Ethernet Service.

Features & Benefits of EPL Service

  • Low Latency & Packet Loss
  • High Reliability & QoS
  • Secure Data Connectivity
  • Guaranteed Network Performance – SLA
  • Scalable Bandwidth Options
  • Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Speeds

Ethernet Private Line Applications

  • Secure WAN Applications
  • Remote Site Connectivity
  • Hybrid & Private Cloud Connections
  • Mission Critical Applications
  • Data Center & Backup
  • Voice and Video

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