Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service

EVPL or Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service is a high-speed, virtual network link, that provides point to point data connectivity delivered via Ethernet. These layer 2 networks are designed for a high-performance, secured connection that delivers minimal packet loss, low latency, with very high Quality of Service (QoS). Typically EVPL circuits are used for Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity, linking multiple offices, data centers, and cloud infrastructure together into a single network.

Ethernet virtual private line service is similar to Ethernet private line service, but it uses a virtual connection that can be multiplexed to link together multiple EVPL circuits. EVPL service is ideal for companies that must connect locations in a point to point or multi-point configuration. Unlike traditional private line services, EVPL pricing is not based on distance, so it’s an ideal choice for remote locations and global networks.

The primary network topology of EVPL service is the “hub-and-spoke” model. All data is sent through the Ethernet virtual connection to a single, dedicated hub. This single network allows data traffic to be centered on a single main location or a data center, providing easy access to all branch offices and other connected facilities via EVPL circuits.

As with Ethernet private line service, EVPL circuits are used in concert with a variety of other standard network connections. These connections provide base-level internet access, while the EVPL services are reserved for datacenter traffic and other mission-critical applications. This allows multi-location companies to quickly and easily consolidate their network management, reduce data network costs, and streamline network configuration to increase efficiency and QoS. Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service is also known as Point to Point Ethernet, EVPL Service, Eline, Ethernet Virtual Connection, EVPL Circuit, Metro Ethernet, or Carrier Ethernet Service.

Features & Benefits of EVPL Service

  • Port Based Pricing – Not Distance Based
  • Point to Point or Multi-Point Designs
  • Flexible & Scalable Bandwidth
  • Secure Data Network Connectivity
  • Service Level Agreement – SLA
  • CoS/QoS Traffic Prioritization
  • Lower Cost Than Traditional Private Lines
  • Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Access

Ethernet Virtual Private Line Applications

  • Replacement for Traditional Private Lines
  • Secure Data Network for Remote Sites
  • Domestic & Global Networks
  • Integrate Voice, Video, Data Services
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud Connectivity
  • Data Center & Backup

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