Fixed Wireless Broadband

Fixed Wireless Internet Service is a specialized type of broadband Internet access that uses dedicated radio signals or line of sight lasers for wireless connectivity, rather than terrestrial network links. Similar to cellular Internet access, fixed wireless providers use large transmission towers called ground stations, or access in high rise buildings, for transmitting wireless signals. These locations provide fixed wireless service to the customer’s transceiver equipment, typically a small antenna mounted on a roof or side of a building. When contact is made, the ground station then supplies a constant radio connection or laser beam to the transceiver, providing high-quality and reliable wireless Internet service.

Fixed wireless access allows powerful connectivity in areas where traditional broadband services aren’t available or in metro areas with an optimal line of sight. One of the primary benefits fixed wireless providers offer over other services, such as satellite, is low latency. While satellite services must communicate with space and back, fixed wireless Internet providers use ground-based antennae that are directly connected to carrier networks. These services often offer a latency that’s comparable to traditional land based networks.

Network redundancy is another benefit when used in conjunction with an additional Internet connection, offering diverse networks in case of an outage. Also, the weather is rarely a factor in network reliability and uptime, making fixed wireless service a good choice if you need uninterrupted connectivity with high QoS service. While fixed wireless Internet service can be a bit expensive compared to traditional broadband, it offers high speed, low latency, and reliable service in rural as well as metro areas. Fixed Wireless Internet Service is also known as Fixed Wireless Broadband Access, WiMax Internet Service, WiMax Broadband, or Fixed Broadband Wireless.

Features & Benefits of Fixed Wireless Internet

  • Diverse Network Access
  • Quick Installation Timeframes
  • Guaranteed Performance – SLA
  • Supports Voice, Video, Data Services
  • Scalable Bandwidth Options
  • Static IP’s

Fixed Wireless Broadband Applications

  • Email & Internet Access
  • Fail-over & Network Redundancy
  • Rural & Remote Location Connectivity
  • Voice, Video, Cloud Applications
  • Short Term & Temporary Connections

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