Hosted Exchange Service

Hosted Exchange Server Services are provider-based solutions designed to allow companies to utilize and access email communications via a remote server or VPN connection. These services are usually installed, configured, and managed by hosted exchange providers for a flat, monthly fee. Users enjoy the same benefits of a conventional local exchange server, including email, file sharing, calendar coordination, task management, contact address lists, and all other standard functions. Providers of hosted exchange services also include default security and malware protection at no extra cost.

Companies of all sizes and industries are moving towards the flexibility and scalability of professionally managed hosted exchange server services. Particularly for smaller organizations, typically 50 employees or less, the initial start-up costs are minimal in comparison to those associated with the allocation and implementation of a local exchange server. All required business services, including data redundancy, hardware redundancy, and managed support, are factored into the low monthly fee. When businesses transition to a provider of hosted exchange services, they enjoy the predictability of a fixed budget without unforeseen up-charges.

Local exchange servers can require a tremendous amount of physical space for the related hardware, which can sometimes be a nearly impossible challenge for many smaller companies and start-ups. With a hosted exchange server, all data is stored remotely in a secure data center or cloud environment. Many organizations automatically assume that a local, in-house exchange server might be more secure, but the opposite is usually true. Hosted exchange providers manage and monitor the company’s servers 24/7, which also allows them to respond and resolve potential security threats instantly.

For enhanced disaster recovery planning, hosted exchange services are also the preferred choice. When a service disruption occurs due to a power outage or natural event, all emails are automatically forwarded and preserved on the cloud-based, or remotely colocated server, for immediate retrieval. When organizations need expert advice regarding system upgrades, staff increases, or other configuration challenges, hosted exchange providers offer 24/7 tech support. These support teams offer highly qualified experts with knowledge critical to ensuring smooth server operations. Hosted Exchange Services are also known as Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting, Cloud Exchange Server, or Hosted Exchange Email.

Features & Benefits of Hosted Exchange Service

  • Professional Managed Hosted Email Server
  • Dedicated or Cloud Exchange Servers
  • Better Performance, Network, Email Reliability
  • Flexible and Scalable Server Configurations
  • Virus & Spam Protection
  • Application Integration
  • Managed Server Updates
  • Lower IT Operational Costs

Hosted Exchange Server Applications

  • Replace Onsite Email Servers
  • Email Backup & Failover
  • Corporate & Remote Email Users

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