Cloud PBX Service

Hosted PBX Service is cloud based business phone system and VOIP service, which is a cost effective alternative to traditional premise based PBX phone systems. Cloud PBX services use the Internet or private data connections with QoS, to connect businesses to the features and functionality of their virtual phone system and calling.

PBX or Private Branch Exchange, is the traditional method by which businesses are connected with phone service to the outside Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) or Voice over IP (VOIP) providers. Traditional PBX systems are implemented on-premise at businesses, and are a significant cost to operate and maintain. Hosted PBX services replace these costs by providing a hosted or cloud-based infrastructure that requires little-to-no upkeep or maintenance, with a fixed monthly fee.

Compared to traditional telephony provided by a telecommunications company, a cloud PBX service can provide the same features and functionality at a much lower cost. Investing in a virtual PBX service is also less expensive when compared to a traditional, hardware-based PBX system, as there is no physical infrastructure to purchase or maintain. This eliminates the need to upgrade a phone system, feature sets, operating systems, or pay for a tech to do moves/adds/changes. All these costs are included with a virtual phone system, which simplifies telephony dramatically for most users.

Hosted PBX systems offer many robust features that most traditional phone systems cannot support or are limited. These features include advanced unified communications, messaging, mobility, video, call routing, application integration, and more. This makes them a cost-effective and complete solution for most business communication needs. Another benefit of a virtual phone system is business continuity, which is an inherent feature of the cloud.  If there is a network outage, fire, flood, or natural disaster, calls can be automatically routed to mobile phones and remote locations, ensuring uptime and continued business operations.

Hosted PBX providers manage all the infrastructure and maintenance required by a PBX phone system, in addition to routing voice calls. This allows companies to focus on their business, not managing communication services and equipment. Cloud based PBX service provides a new and more effective way to offer phone service. Hosted PBX Services are also known as Virtual Phone System, Cloud PBX, Hosted Phone System, Business VOIP, Hosted IP PBX, Unified Communications or Cloud Phone Service.

Features & Benefits of Hosted PBX Service

  • Unified Cloud Communication
  • Provider Managed Phone System & Service
  • Advanced Features & Call Routing
  • Messaging, Mobility, Application Integration
  • Built in Business Continuity & Failover
  • Highly Scalable Phone System
  • Easy to Implement and Manage
  • Fixed Monthly Cost – No Capital Investment

Cloud Phone System Applications

  • Replacement for Traditional Phone System & Service
  • Local & Long Distance Calling
  • Integrating Remote Workers
  • Cross Platform Customer Engagement
  • Call Centers & Telemarketing

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