Hosted SharePoint Services

Hosted SharePoint Server Services are provider-based solutions that offer the convenience and flexibility of running the SharePoint software online via a remote server or VPN connection. SharePoint service is an easily customized file sharing, document management, and storage software that has taken the business world by storm. Instead of installing, configuring, and maintaining the software on local SharePoint servers located in a server room, many IT departments are taking full advantage of cloud based hosted SharePoint providers. This offers advantages for improved cost-efficiency, productivity, and scalability.

Companies of all sizes and industries are always searching for better and more affordable tools that enhance the collaborative capabilities of a geographically scattered workforce. A remotely hosted SharePoint server allows file sharing and engagement among multiple team members regardless of their individual locations. Company data is securely stored in a cloud or data center environment which is accessible virtually, employees no longer need to worry about gaining access during strict business hours, on weekends, or through an in-house network access. As long as the employee has an Internet connection, they can gain access to the company’s SharePoint server using many types of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Using a hosted SharePoint provider also saves time and money spent on system installations, configurations, and maintenance. An organization’s IT team can simply request the precise customization requirements during the initial consultation, and the hosted SharePoint provider will take care of implementing the changes needed. All SharePoint software updates and security patches are installed and managed without fail by the provider’s team of technicians.

Companies that transition to hosted SharePoint services also enjoy a predictable monthly budget without worrying about upgrades and hardware costs. IT managers can also utilize the SharePoint platform to consolidate data from Internet, intranet, and extranet sites, which saves companies even more money on managing servers. Businesses can also rest assured that the security and integrity of all related documents stored on the hosted SharePoint server remain uncompromised. By using predefined settings requiring users to check out documents prior to editing, review revisions made, and return documents to original states, security is validated. Hosted SharePoint Services are also known as SharePoint Server Hosting, Cloud SharePoint Server, Hosted Content Management System, or Microsoft Hosted SharePoint.

Features & Benefits of Hosted SharePoint Service

  • Professionally Managed File Server
  • Dedicated or Cloud SharePoint Services
  • Increase Performance & Data Reliability
  • Managed Security, Updates, Maintanence
  • Scalable & Flexible Server Configurations
  • Application Integration
  • Lower IT Operating Costs

Hosted SharePoint Server Applications

  • Replacing Onsite File Servers
  • Data Backup & Failover
  • Corporate & Remote Users

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