Machine to Machine Services

M2M or Machine to Machine Service is a specialized form of data connectivity that allows autonomous machines to communicate with each other, transferring critical information required for business operations. M2M services provide the platform that the entire Internet of Things (IoT) runs on.

M2M solutions allow machines to individually communicate with a database to report a variety of statistical information. In turn, this database will communicate with another machine to provide that critical information to allow for smart real-time decisions. Machine to machine solutions allow companies that rely on automation to perform more effectively, by providing a reliable and stable connection between independent autonomous machines. A solid M2M platform is absolutely essential in the logistics, supply chain, and fleet management industries, among others.

M2M connectivity is usually achieved with specialized, low-powered cellular antennae, provided by many wireless providers. By using wireless services instead wired networks, each individual machine can operate on its own, and remain functional even in case of a network failure or outage. Wired networks can also be used when a stable and reliable Internet connection is available, such as a dedicated fiber service.

Almost every company can benefit from dedicated M2M services. Smart technologies can help streamline business processes, maximize efficiency, and minimize redundancy. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, more and more companies are taking advantage of M2M services to boost profits, and encourage further growth. Machine to Machine service is also known as M2M Service, Internet of Things, M2M Platform, IoT, M2M Connectivity, or M2M Network.

Features & Benefits of M2M Service

  • Autonomous Machine to Machine Communication
  • Real Time Analytics & Reporting
  • Increased Business Intelligence
  • Gain Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Network Performance
  • Better Customer Engagement and Outcomes
  • Wireless & Wired M2M Connectivity

Machine to Machine Platform Applications

  • Optimize Energy Usage
  • Improve Logistics
  • Track Supply Chain & Inventory
  • Gain Manufacturing Efficiencies
  • Increase Data Availability
  • Tracking Business Processes
  • Internet of Things – IoT

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