Managed Hosting Services

Managed Server Hosting Services are provider-based solutions where organizations can lease dedicated or cloud-based servers while relying on the provider to manage them. Unlike conventional dedicated hosting, the service provider administers, configures, and maintains the operating systems, software, applications, and associated hardware. This saves the company time and money. Clients can always maintain administrative access to the dedicated servers, but they generally relinquish control to the managed server hosting provider regarding system upgrades, modifications, or repairs. Users can simply interact with the dedicated server through a web-based interface.

In an unmanaged environment, the client is typically just renting the associated servers while remaining chiefly responsible for the majority of servicing and maintenance tasks. For organizations that lack an in-house IT staff with the technical expertise involving server management, managed dedicated server hosting and managed cloud hosting services are often a very cost-effective solution. In addition to routine updates, installations, and configuration tasks, providers of managed server hosting also take on the challenging responsibilities associated with server monitoring. These experts constantly scan and immediately resolve any potential system irregularities, which only enhances workforce productivity and business continuity.

Managed hosting service providers are continuously scanning systems. They can also identify and resolve possible security threats almost instantly. These providers perform regularly scheduled security audits, firewall configurations, virus and malware scans, and spam filtering protocols to ensure the optimized integrity of the IT infrastructure at all times. When a security patch or driver update is required for a particular operating system or software, these experts close these security loopholes immediately on behalf of their clients.

The enhanced flexibility and scalability of network storage and database capabilities is another benefit of managed dedicated server hosting and managed cloud hosting services.  Service providers can offer a team of expert database administrators (DBAs) with high levels of expertise and experience in SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.  This team can even takes care of all disaster recovery and backup requirements, providing invaluable peace of mind. Managed Hosting Services are also known as Managed Server Hosting, Managed Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, or Managed Cloud Server.

Features & Benefits of Managed Server Hosting

  • Professionally Managed Server Hosting
  • Dedicated or Cloud Servers
  • Increased Performance & Network Reliability
  • Proactive Security Monitoring & Protection
  • Managed OS & Software Updates
  • Lower IT Operational Costs
  • Flexible and Scalable Server Configurations

Managed Hosting Applications

  • Replace Onsite Servers & Hosting
  • Databases, Storage, Application Hosting
  • Websites and Email
  • Data Backup & Failover
  • Development and Application Testing

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