Managed Remote Access Services

RAS or Remote Access Services are provider-based solutions that enable Internet-capable devices to connect to the company’s IT infrastructure from remote locations. In a world where the workforce is becoming increasingly more mobile, the importance of establishing secure end-to-end communications while maintaining the safety and integrity of the corporate network is crucial. Enterprise remote access solutions allow employees to connect seamlessly and efficiently to company databases and other sensitive information. Access via smartphones, remote Internet connections, wifi, and even from home based offices are possible.

Organizations of nearly every business sector and industry now demand optimized network management capabilities for multiple, geographically-scattered locations and satellite offices.  Many companies today also find that they lack the in-house staff of IT professionals with the skills and technical expertise necessary to oversee the design and implementation process.  By hiring a managed remote access services provider, companies benefit greatly from an entire team of expert engineers and technicians with knowledge in every area of RAS.

Other benefits of secure remote access solutions include the ability to decrease office costs while simultaneously boosting worker satisfaction levels. Many employees prefer having the chance to work from home and not having to endure a long office commute. When employees are happier and more satisfied at work, they tend to be more productive as well. Organizations taking full advantage of managed remote access services often witness immediate cost-saving benefits. Such as reduced air conditioning, utility bills, office space requirements, and even break room snacks and coffee inventories.

With remote access capabilities, employees can react more quickly to customer-related questions and concerns, creating higher customer satisfaction. They can handle problems immediately during work hours, as well as emergency issues on weekends or nights because the dependence on the in-house IT architecture is eliminated completely. By hiring a managed remote access solutions provider, organizations can rest assured that the development, installation, and management processes always maintain the highest levels of safety and integrity. Managed Remote Access Service is also known as Enterprise Remote Access Solutions, Secure Remote Access, Secure Access Management, or RAS Services.

Features & Benefits of Managed Remote Access

  • Professionally Managed Remote User Access
  • Secure Remote Access Controls
  • Reduced IT Operational Costs
  • Increased Access Reliability & Performance
  • Higher Customer & Employee Satisfaction
  • IPsec, SSL, VPN Configurations

Managed Remote Access Applications

  • Internet & VPN Connectivity
  • Employee and Customers Access
  • Corporate Data & Applications
  • Mobile Devices
  • Remote Users
  • Domestic and International Locations

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