Managed WiFi Services

Managed WiFi Access is a provider-based solution that unburdens an organization from the management of highly advanced and constantly evolving WiFi technology. Companies utilizing managed WiFi services can then focus on their business and customer needs. Businesses that often take advantage of cloud managed WiFi services include coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, as well as other retail and hospitality-related industries. These types of businesses often lack a qualified, in-house IT staff, or a person with wireless network experience. Enterprises also may outsource WiFi access to a managed WiFi provider, thus reducing the burden on their IT resources.

Managed WiFi providers will begin with an initial consultation to determine the company’s precise IT requirements and desired capabilities. Certain considerations that can affect the purchasing of equipment and network configuration protocols might include, building construction type, floor plan and layout, potential RF interference, security requirements, and budgetary guidelines. Providers of managed WiFi services install, configure, monitor, and maintain the entire network 24/7.  If a problem with the network develops, perhaps due to weather disturbances or other unforeseen issues, the managed WiFi providers resolve the problems immediately on the company’s behalf.

Businesses have enough to worry about without having to manage a highly technical WiFi network and security. One of the most critical concerns usually involves consumer privacy issues. Customers using a company’s public WiFi network are typically asked to agree to a Terms of Service (ToS) and an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) before being granted access. Security threats to sensitive company data is another crucial concern. A customer using public WiFi should never be accidentally granted access to the company servers or internal network. Providers of managed WiFi services help organizations to design and implement these necessary protocols.

Cloud managed WiFi services also provide businesses with more control and a terrific marketing advantage. As customers login to the free and public WiFi, business owners can control the different types of advertisements that first appear on the screen. They can create different pop-up graphics, videos, online surveys, and other promotional campaigns in an effort to develop deeper, more meaningful customer relationships and increase company revenues. Managed WiFi Service is also known as Managed Wireless Service, Cloud Managed WiFi, or Managed WiFi Access.

Features & Benefits of Managed WiFi Service

  • Professionally Managed WiFi Security
  • Installation & Access Point Management
  • Robust User Access Controls, Security, Monitoring
  • Better Signal & Network Reliability
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Better Customer Engagement & Satisfaction
  • Value Added Service

Managed WiFi Applications

  • Employee & Customer Internet Access
  • Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality Industry
  • Government & Schools
  • Enterprise & Commercial Buildings
  • Residential & Multi-tenant
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Customer Marketing & Analytics

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