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Broadcast Messaging Services are provider-based solutions involving the initiation and management of short message service (SMS) communications and advertisements for the related organization. In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with emails and voice messages, the text message is now the most common form of digital communication on the planet. Simply put, people tend to read text messages. Emails and voice messages are often considered to be junk mail, and therefore, easily deleted or ignored. In many cases, email communications end up in the receivers’ spam folders quite by accident.

A professional SMS text messaging service allows the organization to send, track, and receive responses from carefully crafted advertisements, appointment reminders, and other business communications sent directly to the smartphone of the consumer. Messages can be delivered in bulk to thousands of customers simultaneously and pre-programmed to be received at precise times and dates. The organization can even pick and choose which customer databases to utilize. Using a professional text messaging service for business is as easy as creating a simple 160-character message. Longer messages are automatically divided into multiple succeeding texts. Reporting and analytics provided by messaging providers can also help business understand the performance and value of the service.

Unlike email marketing strategies, business text messaging services require no direct Internet connection. The text message reaches the consumer even when a WiFi signal is non-existent. In cases where the consumer’s smartphone is turned off, the pre-programmed SMS message will be automatically be delivered to the consumer at the very moment that the phone is switched on again. Furthermore, an SMS text messaging service requires no pre-downloading of software by the reader.

Nearly everyone owns a smartphone, but SMS texting is still a relatively new marketing strategy. By taking advantage of business text messaging services from a reputable provider, forward-thinking business owners can gain a significant edge over the competition. They can also enhance existing customer relations by reducing the numbers of disruptive phone messages that can be so very annoying. SMS messages can be stored by the receiver to be reviewed at a later date, and they can be forwarded to other friends, family members, and business associates to help organizations build their global audience. Messaging Services are also known as Text Messaging Platform, SMS Messaging Service, or Broadcast Messaging.

Features & Benefits of Messaging Services

  • Professionally Managed Messaging Platform
  • Scalable & Flexible Broadcast Methods
  • Advanced Features & Reporting
  • Cross Platform Integration
  • Managed Security & Compliance
  • Better Customer Engagement & Satisfaction

SMS Messaging Applications

  • Proactive Alerts & Notifications
  • Online Security Applications
  • Reminders & Appointments
  • Billing and Collections
  • Sales, Marketing, Advertising

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