Metro Ethernet Service

Metro Ethernet Networks are private data circuits securely connecting two or more locations in a metropolitan area with high speed data connectivity. These networks are known as metro area networks or MANs, service is sometimes referred to as Metro E. A metro Ethernet circuit is a layer 2 data transport service, which does not traverse the public Internet, and is inherently secure. Metro Ethernet services are available in a wide range of bandwidth speeds, and can be used to connect to the Internet as well. Local access options available for metro Ethernet circuits can be copper or fiber based (Metro Optical Ethernet), depending on the location and facilities in the area.

Applications that require high-performance, with high quality of service (QoS) between sites in a local area, are best suited for metro Ethernet circuits.  Some applications include hybrid and private cloud connectivity, file sharing, data backup, application sharing, voice, and video. Low latency and packet loss, as well as network reliability, are key features of metro Ethernet services. Also, being a dedicated network service, metro Ethernet connections do not share bandwidth, so speeds are consistent during peak and off-peak times. This high performance and reliability are backed by guarantees in the form of a service level agreement (SLA).

Metro Ethernet pricing is a fixed flat rate, unlike many other point to point data circuits, which are mileage based and have variable pricing. This gives businesses fixed opex costs, which is easier when planning for location expansion in a metro area. Compared to other dedicated network options, metro Ethernet pricing typically has the lowest data networking costs. In many cases they replace older and slower point to point circuits (T1, DS3, OCx), which can be costly with bandwidth restrictions.

Overall metro Ethernet service offers many benefits, which make it is a good choice for data networking for sites within a metro area. Bandwidth, performance, reliability, and cost are key reasons why businesses choose metro Ethernet networks for connecting locations. Metro Ethernet Service is also known as Metro Ethernet Internet, Metro E Circuit, Metro Ethernet Point to Point, or Metro Optical Ethernet.

Features & Benefits of Metro Ethernet Service

  • Secure Private Data Network
  • Low Cost Metro Area Connectivity
  • Guaranteed Reliability & Network Performance
  • Flexible & Scalable Bandwidth Speeds
  • Service Level Agreement – SLA
  • Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet Access

Metro Ethernet Network Applications

  • Connecting Metro Area Sites
  • Voice, Video, Data, Internet Networks
  • Cloud & Data Center Connectivity
  • Application & Data Sharing
  • File & Data Backup

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