Business Mobile Broadband Service

Business Wireless Internet Service is offered by most cell service providers to enable wireless Internet services for remote users or failover connectivity. Unlike many wireless services that are focused on cell phones, most business mobile broadband plans are designed to provide fast Internet speeds to laptop computers or networked devices. This makes wireless business Internet a convenient way to augment traditional wired broadband networks, allowing employees to stay connected, no matter where they might be.

The most popular method of delivering wireless Internet for business is through a dedicated mobile hotspot. These devices connect directly to cell phone towers, providing powerful 4G connectivity that can be converted into a wireless WiFi network. Specialized hotspots can usually provide connectivity to 10+ WiFi enabled devices, including tablets, cell phones, laptops, desktop computers or connected LAN. USB modems cards can also be purchased that plug directly into laptop computers, allowing them to communicate directly with the network of a business wireless Internet provider.

Compared to standard cell phone services, wireless business Internet has a number of advantages. Traffic from these devices is usually prioritized, allowing 4G enabled devices to achieve high download and upload speeds. Network latency is generally quite a bit lower as well, making mobile VoIP and video conferencing possible.

Overall, business wireless Internet service is a top choice for any company that needs employees to stay constantly connected. Whether it is outside of a traditional WiFi enabled area, or to provide a fail-over connection to a wired network, business wireless Internet service is a reliable option. Business Mobile Broadband Service is also known as Business Mobile Broadband Plans, Business Wireless Internet, or Mobile Hotspot Service.

Features & Benefits of Business Mobile Broadband

  • Unlimited, Bundles, Usage Based Internet Plans
  • High Speed Wireless Broadband Service
  • Domestic and International Connectivity
  • Mobile WiFi Hotspot
  • Static IPs

Business Wireless Internet Applications

  • Email & Internet Access
  • Roaming & Remote Office Connectivity
  • Backup & Failover Connection
  • Accessing Cloud Applications
  • Secure VPN Access

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