MPLS Service

MPLS VPN Service is a virtual private network for securely connecting two or more locations over private MPLS links. These Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks are layer 3 connections, which are secured through an MPLS providers network router. Data security is an essential feature of this network based VPN solution.

Superior network performance is another feature of MPLS service. By utilizing shortest path labels instead of long network addresses, MPLS networks avoid complex routing table look-ups. This allows for the quickest network path routes between nodes, which limits network latency. Another feature available with MPLS VPN service is class of service (CoS), giving customers the ability to prioritize and route time sensitive data based on application. MPLS connections are ideal for low latency applications like cloud, voice, and video. Most MPLS circuits are also dedicated network connections, so performance is backed by a provider service level agreement (SLA).

Typically service is provisioned over private MPLS links, with high bandwidth options available in most locations (Ethernet over Fiber or Copper). Options for managed MPLS network services are also available for businesses looking to outsource WAN management costs. These circuits can also be configured by most MPLS service providers to carry voice, Internet, and data services together as an integrated connection.

MPLS networks are used by businesses to provide reliable, secure, WAN connectivity and as a replacement for traditional data networks like frame relay and point to point connections. MPLS service is also known as Multi-Protocol Label Switching, MPLS VPN, MPLS WAN, MPLS Circuit, MPLS Network, or MPLS Connection.

Features & Benefits of MPLS VPN Service

  • Multi Protocol Label Switching
  • High Performance & Reliable Connectivity
  • Secure, Flexible, Scalable Network
  • Data Prioritization with QoS/CoS
  • Mesh Network Topology
  • Port Based Pricing – Not Distance Based
  • Managed Network Services

MPLS Network Applications

  • MPLS Network Based VPN
  • Voice & Video
  • Hybrid & Private Cloud Connections
  • Data Center Connectivity
  • Networking Remote Sites Securely
  • Integrated Network Connections

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