Private Cloud Services

Private Cloud Computing Services are provider-based solutions that offer a type of cloud computing similar to a public cloud, but through private infrastructure. Instead of the organization leasing space shared with a combination of other clients, private cloud providers offer a single-tenant, or dedicated environment. For businesses with mission-critical workloads, constantly fluctuating bandwidth requirements, increased security concerns, urgent up-time demands, and other critical management concerns, a private cloud environment is often the ideal solution.

Much like a dedicated, physical server, the security of a company’s cloud environment is always a critical concern.  With professionally managed private cloud solutions, the organization can customize and optimize the individual security features at any time. For organizations that lack an IT staff with the necessary expertise in network security management, these private cloud providers can also manage these services at a reasonable cost. In addition to routine security audits and risk assessments, they also conduct software as well as firewall updates, installations, and configurations.

Providers of private cloud services are also constantly scanning and monitoring the organization’s single-tenant environment for security threats and data breaches, which allows the provider to identify and resolve any issues immediately. This single-tenant environment essentially provides the organization with greater control over the entire network. Changes or updates to specific applications or software occur more efficiently, and the internal IT department can test and monitor the deployment of new applications, while using advanced analytics to prevent bottlenecks and downtime.

For organizations with strict compliance standards, such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, or FISMA, private cloud solutions are the preferred choice over public cloud alternatives. Regardless of the area of compliance, the security and integrity of the stored data is always crucial, but the immediate availability of the data is also a major concern. Whereas on-premises dedicated servers are always susceptible to unforeseen disasters such as floods, fires, and service interruptions, private cloud services are always readily available from any location around the world with a secure Internet connection. For organizations with a geographically scattered workforce, private cloud solutions are often an integral component of data backup and disaster recovery planning. Private Cloud Services are also known as IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud Computing Solutions, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Platforms, or Cloud Storage.

Features & Benefits Private Cloud Service

  • Professionally & Customer Managed Cloud Services
  • Secure Private Network Access
  • Increased Reliability & Performance
  • Scalable & Flexible Cloud Configurations
  • Opex vs Capex Model – Reduced IT Costs
  • Fixed Monthly Costs
  • Dedicated Network Infrastructure – More Control

Private Cloud Computing Applications

  • Securing Mission Critical Applications
  • Virtualize Servers, Devices, Internal Applications
  • Security & Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Continuity and Fail-over
  • Secure Data Storage & Backup
  • IoT and M2M
  • Intranet & VPN

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