Colocation Services

Server Colocation Services are provider-based solutions where organizations can locate and manage their data centers in an off-premises location. Colocation data center providers offer a variety of different services. They provide a place to house the associated server, the power to run it, controlled environment and cooling, as well as the network connection to operate it through the web. These services are also easily scalable, allowing the organization to transfer an expanded selection of storage and management responsibilities to the provider at any time as business demands dictate.

Organizations can take full advantage of a more robust infrastructure provided by a data center colocation provider, in addition to a variety of cost-saving benefits including enhanced uptimes, deployment times, and database security. The hosting of private servers in an onsite data center can face significant power capacity challenges, particularly the installation or upgrading of high-density applications. Colocation facilities offer significantly more power per square foot, eliminating those potential issues. As bandwidth requirements evolve over time, dedicated server colocation providers offer flexible bandwidth and pricing options, which eliminates the need to negotiate and manage numerous network service agreements with multiple vendors.

A major benefit of a colocation data center is the state-of-the-art capabilities regarding data security and protection. Security threats and data breaches are a constant concern for any company, which can easily result in hefty fines, financial penalties, or brand reputation damage. Dedicated server colocation providers offer the most advanced physical security systems possible, including biometric scanners, card and key entry systems, cabinet and cage locks, closed-circuit camera surveillance, and on-site security.  If questions or concerns ever arise, most providers also offer 24/7 assistance through a variety of mediums.

Data center colocation service providers also offer organizations valuable peace of mind regarding disaster recovery and business continuity. Businesses cannot afford for their data centers and related infrastructure to be offline for even a moment.  In the event of a natural disaster, power outage, or other emergency, organizations with dedicated server colocation are assured that their databases, servers, equipment, and all related applications will remain always available and fully operational. Server Colocation Services are also known as Dedicated Server Colocation, Data Center Colocation, Server Colo, or Colocation Hosting.

Features & Benefits of Colocation Services

  • Increased Physical & Network Security
  • Data Center – Lower Disaster Risks
  • Redundant Data Center Power, Cooling, Connectivity
  • Better Network Diversity & Low Bandwidth Costs
  • Scalable Colocation Space

Server Colocation Applications

  • Replace Onsite Server Hosting
  • Reducing Disaster & Site Risks
  • Hosting Databases, Storage, Applications
  • Data Backup & Failover
  • Development & Application Testing
  • Websites and Email

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