SIP Trunking Service

SIP Trunk Service is a type of VoIP and streaming media service that delivers both voice and unified communications in one converged method. It is a telephone service and a way to browse the Web, email and text, over modern telephony networks. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is today’s standard for VOIP trunk service over public or private IP networks.

SIP trunking services afford businesses a wide range of benefits and flexibility not readily available in traditional telephone services . In its most basic form, SIP trunks provide access to both land-line and mobile calling. When comparing SIP trunking vs PRI, it also offers many of the same calling features, with a lower cost, more flexibility, and increased scalability. In order to use a SIP trunking service you must have an IP PBX system which supports Session Initiation Protocol.

Cost reduction is another reason why many businesses choose SIP service. In general, SIP trunk pricing is much less than traditional phone services such as ISDN PRI or regular phone lines. Also, with SIP trunking there is no need for a separate voice circuit. A SIP trunk service can be layered over existing IP networks, or a SIP trunking provider will offer a private IP connection with QoS. Hardware investments, installation costs, ongoing maintenance are all reduced as well with SIP connections.

Flexible and scalable voice networks drive growth of the VOIP market and technology. If a company needs to expand SIP service in the future, adding SIP trunks is nothing more than an easy network change. No need to invest in additional hardware, upgrades, or set-up costs. Installation of SIP service is a matter of minutes to hours, not weeks to months like with traditional phone services. SIP service is the leading standard of today’s voice communication networks.  SIP Trunking is also known as Session Initiation Protocol, Business VOIP, Cloud Phone Service, VOIP Trunk Service, Unified Communication or IP Phone Service.

Features & Benefits of SIP Service

  • Lower Phone Service Costs
  • Flexible and Scalable Configurations
  • Converged Voice & Data Networks
  • Fast Installation & Set-up
  • Mobile & Application Integration
  • Cloud Hosted PBX Options
  • Multiple Protocols – G.711, G.723, G.729

SIP Trunking Applications

  • Replacement for Traditional Phone Service
  • Local & Long Distance Calling
  • Voice, Video, Messaging Applications
  • Call Centers & Telemarketing
  • Integrating Remote Workers
  • Unified Communications

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