SD-WAN Service

Software Defined WAN is a networking application connected through software rather than hardware. Like traditional data networks it is also used to securely connect multiple locations together. SD-WAN solutions can also aggregate multiple network connections together, with the greatest benefit for businesses with low cost connectivity (DSL, Cable, Wireless). Combining the resources of these low cost networks reduces the need for a dedicated WAN connection, which can be expensive. These SD-WAN services can move a great deal more data for less money when compared to legacy dedicated networks. SD-WAN providers also help to increase the reliability of network connections with real-time fail-over and redundancy built in, while improving the performance of cloud based applications, VoIP, video, and SaaS within the network.

SD-WAN vendors use virtual private networking technology to help secure broadband connections. Software defined WAN services are also more physically secure because of the lack of hardware necessary to run the service. Generic data plane devices can be integrated into the branch from the edge router to the innermost components. Most SD-WAN solutions can easily support control plane/data plane separation as well. Installation of SD-WAN service can be done very quickly (days), unlike most dedicated network services (months). This allows businesses to expand rapidly, as well as integrate new organizations and partners more efficiently.

Cost effectiveness is one of the key SD-WAN benefits, and the reason that many businesses are purchasing managed SD-WAN services. However, SD-WAN pricing is far from the only reason that companies are making the move to software defined networks. Simplicity in WAN management is a big driver for many businesses, as is the ability to incorporate policy driven management from end to end within a software defined network. The cloud based infrastructure also keeps a company from having to purchase expensive hardware infrastructure, which needs to be managed and maintained. Companies also gain the ability to scale in real time, diverting bandwidth as needed to an application during peak demand. It is considered an efficient next generation replacement for high cost dedicated MPLS networks.

As technology advances, SD-WAN providers entering the marketplace are approaching solutions from many different angles. Customers continue to see more options for connectivity, features, and applications as the technology matures. SD-WAN services are enabling businesses to monitor traffic more precisely, quickly deploy new applications, all in a safe and secure network environment. Software Defined WAN Service is also known as Hybrid WAN, Software Defined Networking, SDN Network, or Virtual Network Service.

Features & Benefits of SD-WAN Service

  • Low Cost Data Network
  • Aggregate Bandwidth Over Multiple Connections
  • Accelerate Application Performance
  • Data Prioritization & CoS
  • Network Failover & Business Continuity
  • Combine Networks – Reduce Overall Costs

Software Defined WAN Applications

  • Next Gen Data Network Replacement
  • Cloud, Datacenter, Remote Office Connectivity
  • Voice & Video Applications
  • Improve Internet & Application Performance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Domestic & Global Networks

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