Unified Communications Services

UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service is a delivery model in which various collaborative applications and communications services are delivered over a cloud-based network. The combination of different unified communications solutions can include messaging services, video and audio web conferencing, virtual fax services, corporate email, file sharing, and other related business applications.

There are two common types of unified communications services. Single-tenancy options offer the organization a customized software platform that is easily integrated with the on-premise infrastructure and included applications. A multi-tenancy solution involves the sharing of a single platform with other customers of the UCaaS providers. Companies can also adopt a hybrid approach, dividing their UCaaS needs across both single and multi-tenancy solutions. The most qualified providers of cloud-based unified communications solutions help individual organizations to design, implement, and manage the best combination of services. This includes a dedicated focus on maximized cost-efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and future scalability.

Companies large and small are moving towards professionally managed, cloud-based unified communications services in an effort to provide enhanced collaborative capabilities for its workforce. Because all communications take place through the cloud, issues with poor quality communications due to weather fluctuations or geographical locations, rarely occur. As long as the employees have access to an Internet connection, they can take advantage of the full array of included applications and communications services. UCaaS is an ideal choice for companies looking to expand their business enterprise to a larger global customer base.

Unified communications solutions from reputable UCaaS providers are extremely cost-effective. Organizations pay for only the services that they use on a monthly basis. With business demands continuing to grow and expand over time, the combination of services allows for quick and easy adoption. UCaaS solutions offer tremendous benefits for business continuity, a single power outage can cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenues. Unified communications services allow organizations to remain operational from any location that has a secure Internet connection. For businesses who demand more autonomy and control over their applications and communications services, UCaaS is often the perfect solution. Unified Communications is also known as Unified Communications as a Service, UCaaS, Cloud Contact Center, or Converged Communications.

Features & Benefits of UCaaS

  • Cloud Based Communications Management
  • Voice, Data, Messaging, Video, Collaboration Applications
  • Reduced IT Spend, Hardware, Staffing, Management
  • Cross Platform Application Integration
  • Advanced Features and Functionality
  • Highly Flexible & Scalable Configurations
  • Network Reliability, Security, Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Continuity & Failover

Unified Communications Applications

  • Integrating Services, Devices, Systems, Applications
  • Single & Multi-tenant Sites
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Connecting Remote Users
  • Sales, Support, Operational Applications
  • Domestic and International

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