Hosted Virtual Desktop Service

Cloud Desktop Services are provider-based solutions that allow organizations to host desktop operating systems, software, and applications in a single, centralized, cloud based location. Sometimes referred to as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the term and technology were initially created by VMWare, as an alternative to the more conventional server-based models offered by Microsoft and Citrix. Virtual desktop providers help organizations make the transition to a cloud environment smoothly, cost-effectively, and with minimal disruptions.

The two primary forms of VDI are called persistent and non-persistent desktop. A persistent VDI service allows the ability for individual users to customize their desktop uniquely for consistent use time and time again. Non-persistent VDI provides a collective group of desktop environments, each with identical configurations to be accessed as needed. Upon logging out by the end user, the system reverts back to its original state.

Many organizations are transitioning to a cloud-based environment. Virtual desktop providers assist these companies in the migration, configuration, and management of the related operating systems, legacy programs, and applications. All software is located on the virtualized server as opposed to the individual desktop computers, which can provide significant security benefits. Because all data storage and processed images take place in a secure zone of the virtual servers, organizations can take full advantage of standard data center tools to easily manage security protocols from one centralized location. If a thief happens to steal a laptop or computer utilizing VDI technology, no data is lost because the hardware essentially contains no data whatsoever.

Cloud virtual desktop services offer several cost-saving benefits as well. With all software located in a centralized location, IT departments can easily extend the lifespan of otherwise outdated technology. They can also update, manage, and even change entire operating systems quickly and efficiently. Administrators can install patches, drivers, and other related applications only once. Instead of wasting valuable company resources traveling from terminal to terminal, companies enjoy the benefits of an uninterrupted workforce which only enhances overall productivity and business continuity. With cloud VDI services, testing and troubleshooting of new programs and applications have never been easier. Virtual Desktop Services are also known as Cloud Hosted Desktop, DaaS, Desktop as a Service, Remote Desktop Virtualization, Cloud Virtual Desktop, VDIor Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Features & Benefits of Virtual Desktop Service

  • Professionally Managed VDI Service
  • Proactive Security Monitoring & Protection
  • Managed OS & Software Updates
  • Persistant & Non-Persistant Configurations
  • Cloud Based Availability, Reliability, Performance
  • Flexible & Scalable Configurations
  • Lower IT Operational Costs

Virtual Desktop Applications

  • Traditional Desktop Replacement
  • Remote Users & BYOD
  • Reduce Desktop Maintenance & Management
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

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