Cloud Fax Services

Virtual Fax Services are provider-based solutions that eliminate a company’s dependence on those big, bulky, and expensive fax machines. While many younger members of the workforce consider faxing to be a rather outdated technology, many organizations still rely heavily on faxing for document sharing purposes. Legal, healthcare, and government industries are prime examples. Virtual or cloud fax solutions allow companies to maintain these capabilities without the physical resource burdens of conventional fax equipment and connections. Everything takes place through the cloud, saving businesses costly expenses in phone line fees, ink, paper purchases, equipment repairs, and other maintenance issues.

A cloud fax server also allows companies to send and receive faxes from all over the world. Incoming messages appear directly in the receiver’s email inbox, granting immediate access from any location that has access Internet access. Employees traveling abroad, working from home, or temporarily assigned to another satellite office have immediate access to important documents via the cloud-based fax portal. Virtual fax services even allow users to send documents to multiple fax numbers simultaneously.

In a business environment where information security is always a critical concern, many organizations are often surprised to learn that cloud fax solutions are infinitely more secure than conventional fax equipment and document storage. The risks of documents being accidentally viewed by unwanted eyes while sitting in the tray of a traditional fax machine are essentially eliminated. Furthermore, cloud fax documents are first encrypted before being shared virtually with the end user. Only people with access to the virtually faxed documents are those with access to the assigned email addresses. Cloud fax solutions also address the issues of information security compliance, including those of HIPAA and SOX.

Another benefit that a cloud fax server offers is enhancing an organization’s ability to go green. Storing of faxed documents is digital and takes place easily with the click of a mouse, eliminating the need for physical filing cabinets located in massive storage rooms. IT departments can also easily track and monitor all communications sent and received by way of the virtual fax services. For companies with a strong desire to maintain a paperless work environment, cloud fax solutions are an ideal choice. Virtual Fax Service is also known as Cloud Fax Server, eFax, or Online Fax Service.

Features & Benefits of Cloud Fax Service

  • Professionally Managed Fax Service
  • Lower IT Operational Costs
  • Increased Scalability & Fax Volume
  • Cloud Based Availability & Access
  • Highly Reliable and Redundant
  • Send and Receive Faxes Anywhere
  • Multiple Fax Delivery Options
  • Regulatory Compliance

Virtual Fax Server Applications

  • Traditional Fax Server Replacement
  • Online Document Storage
  • Eliminate Fax Lines & Costs
  • Unified Communications

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