Virtual Private LAN Service

VPLS or Virtual Private LAN Service is an advanced virtual private network or VPN. VPLS service allows multiple networks to be integrated into a single, compressed virtual private network. VPLS solutions are a layer 2 network alternative to other traditionally implemented Wide Area Network (WAN) services, such as an IPsec VPN, MPLS VPN, or point to point circuits.

Each site on a VPLS network appears to be located on the same LAN, regardless of its geographic location. With virtual private LAN service a customer addresses packets by MAC address vs IP address, and the providers edge (PE) equipment behaves like a switch. In addition, mesh network topology allows a VPLS to provide any-to-any connectivity, point-to-point services, and multipoint services, making VPLS service a very flexible networking solution for multiple sites.

Customer control is another feature of VPLS networks for those organizations who wish to maintain, upgrade, and control their own WAN. Multiple layer 2 networks can be used to forward packets to the layer 3 MPLS VPN, which can provide a high QoS connection to important data centers or cloud networks. With VPLS, multiple CoS levels provide traffic prioritization, high priority applications can be routed through the VPLS network first, while lower priority traffic can be delayed. Private clouds are also popular applications for VPLS networking solutions, as the any-to-any nature of a VPLS circuit allows organizations to easily add further data centers to their network.

VPLS circuits also come with guaranteed performance through a service level agreement (SLA) with the service provider, ensuring optimal network performance levels. Service can be set up either by individual organizations and their networking teams, or the management and setup of a VPLS solution can be done by the service provider. VPLS service is a flexible, reliable, and cost effective service for organizations looking for WAN solutions. Virtual Private LAN Service is also known as VPLS Circuit, Point to Point Ethernet, VPLS Service, ELAN, VPLS Network, Metro Ethernet, or Carrier Ethernet Service.

Features & Benefits of VPLS Service

  • Greater Network Control
  • Flexible & Scalable Networks
  • Port Based Pricing – Not Distance Based
  • Meshed Network with Secure VPN Connectivity
  • Multiple CoS Levels for Traffic Prioritization
  • Guaranteed Network Performance – SLA
  • Lower WAN Costs
  • Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Access

Virtual Private LAN Applications

  • Replacement for IP VPN, MPLS, PtP Circuits
  • Securely Extending LAN to Remote Sites
  • Connecting Multiple Datacenters & Cloud Networks
  • Integrating Voice, Internet, Data
  • Domestic & Global Networks

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