Wavelength Service

Wavelength Service is a large dedicated bandwidth connection providing access to high-speed Internet or point to point data delivered over lit fiber-optic lines. Wavelength circuits are designed to provide high-performance, low latency, secure, dedicated connectivity, between two sites. These point to point layer 1 network connections utilize DWDM technology to support multiple connections over a carriers fiber network. Network transparency and control is a major benefit of layer 1 networks, which allows full customer management of layer 2 networking over it.

Wavelength solutions are typically used to upgrade or replace traditional point to point data connections, but at a higher speed with lower cost. Speeds available range from 1Gbps to 100Gbps, with various optical handoff types available. Carrier routing of wavelength circuits can be done with custom network designs, as well as configurations for protection and redundancy.

As with all dedicated data network connections, a wavelength circuit comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which guarantees network performance and QoS. Most importantly, reliability and low latency are key features of optical wavelength services, with priority support given to customers. However, wavelength pricing is based on distance, which makes circuits more expensive for connecting very remote sites and global networks. But for locations that are regional in nature, wavelength pricing is very cost effective versus other data network technologies.

Optical wavelength connections are ideal for financial institution applications, data center interconnects, public and private cloud connectivity, voice/video applications, wireless tower and ISP backhauls. Availability of wavelength solutions is dependent on existing fiber to the sites or having fiber in the area to build out. In addition, having the wavelength equipment needed in the POP to support it is another factor. A Wavelength Service is also known as a Wave, Wavelength Circuit, Optical Wavelength Service, or Point to Point Fiber Connection.

Features & Benefits of Wavelength Services

  • Large Bandwidth Connections
  • Layer 1 Network Transparency & Control
  • High Reliability & Low Latency
  • Secure Data Connectivity
  • Guaranteed Performance – SLA
  • Custom Network Routes
  • Protected and Unprotected Options
  • 1 to 100 Gigabit Ethernet Speeds

Wavelength Circuit Applications

  • Secure WAN Applications
  • Public & Private Cloud Connections
  • Low Latency Applications
  • Video and Voice
  • Data Center & Backup
  • WISP & ISP Backhaul

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