Long Distance T1

A Long Distance T1 is a digital phone service trunk consisting of 24 voice channels or 23 voice channels and one data channel for signaling (ISDN PRI T1). T1 long distance lines are used by businesses to provide dedicated long distance and toll-free voice service as well as other applications including video conferencing, fax, and dial-up. T1 long distance service provides increased efficiency through a PBX phone system by setting up and breaking down the long distance & toll-free phone calls faster than regular phone lines. A dedicated long distance T1 offers robust features for toll-free service including DTO, ANI, DNIS, and enhanced toll-free routing. T1 long distance lines are also known as T1 TrunkDedicated LD T1Voice T1ISDN PRI T1Digital T1, or T1 Phone Service.

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