Data T1

A Data T1 is an Internet connection providing high-speed T1 bandwidth of 1.544Mbps delivered over fiber optic or copper phone lines. T1 data lines are used by businesses to provide reliable, dedicated T1 service for internet access as well as other applications including email, file sharing, web hosting, data backup, video, or VPN access. A business T1 data line is superior to cable or DSL Internet access because it offers a Service Level Agreement with guarantees on T1 data speed, performance, uptime, and repair. A data T1 connection can also be configured by a T1 provider to carry T1 voice and data services (Integrated T1) or for service higher than T1 bandwidth (Bonded T1). T1 data lines are also known as a T1 LineInternet T1DS1 LineT1 CircuitBonded T1, or T1 Leased Line.

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