Leased Line Circuit

A Leased Line Circuit is a private data connection securely connecting two or more locations with dedicated leased line data connectivity. A dedicated leased line circuit is a closed network data transport service which does not traverse the public Internet and is inherently secure with no data encryption needed. Leased Lines are available in a range of bandwidth speeds including T1 leased line, Ethernet leased line, or DS3 leased line. Lease Line service provides unparalleled quality of service (QoS) as it is not a shared service and follows the same direct dedicated leased line network path every time. Leased Line connectivity is used by businesses to provide reliable, secure point to point data service for applications including credit card processing, file sharing, data backup, point to point VOIP, and video conferencing. Lease Line circuits can also be configured to carry voice, video, Internet, and data services together over the same dedicated leased line network connection. Dedicated Leased Lines are also known as a Private LinePoint to Point CircuitLease Line, or Data Line.

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