Operator Assisted Conference Call

An Operator Assisted Conference Call is a telephone conferencing service that allows multiple participants to be connected together seamlessly over a conference call bridge with operator assistance.  Traditional telephone access for the Operator Assisted Conference Call is done by dialing a toll-free, direct dial-in phone number, or operator dials out from the conference call bridge. Operator Assisted Conferencing services are required to be scheduled in order to have an operator available for the call.  Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing is used by large businesses that require a high level of service and support for conference calls or have a large number of conferencing participants.  Additional Operator Assisted Conferencing features include options to record conference calls, roll call, participant Q&A, polling, and special announcements. Operator Assisted Conference Call services are also known as Operator Assisted Conferencing, or Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing.

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