An SD WAN is a Software Defined Wide Area Network utilizing cloud based virtual WAN architecture instead of a premise based hardware solution. Like traditional data networks, SD WAN architecture it is also used to securely connect multiple locations together. A major benefit of a virtual WAN solution is the ability to aggregate multiple low cost links together including DSL, cable, wireless, and shared fiber services. Combining the resources of these low cost network connections reduces the need for higher cost dedicated WAN links. Routing of network data and QoS is always being optimized automatically by a centralized cloud based orchestrator. SD WAN technology provides increased reliability of network connections with real-time fail-over and redundancy built in. This helps improve the performance of cloud based applications, overall network security, VoIP, video, and SaaS. SD WAN technology is also known as Software Defined WAN, Virtual WAN, Cloud WAN, or SD WAN as a Service.

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